Symposium Proposal Form

Interested in contributing to development of the 30th European Congress on Obesity scientific programme?

The Programme Organising Committee welcomes suggestions for full symposia, so please liaise with colleagues and submit a symposium suggestion under one of the five programme tracks:

Please utilise this form to submit ideas for consideration. Each Symposia slot is 1.5h long and the format can run to suit your topic. You should aim to cover a hot topic and speakers should come from a variety of countries.

Please submit your suggestion using the form below. The deadline for receipt of suggestions is Friday 13 January 2023. Late submissions will not be considered. Also, all speakers in suggested symposia should submit an abstract by 13 January 2023. If the suggestion is not accepted as a full symposium, individual abstract will be considered for abstract and poster presentation.

Please note that suggested symposia are different to the invited part of the programme. Speakers in accepted symposia must register for the congress and arrange their own travel/accommodation. Speakers identified as participants in proposed symposia should submit an abstract through the submission system by 13 January 2023.

Please clearly mention on the abstract submission form that the abstract is related to a symposium proposal (also mention the name of the proposed symposium), and also indicate whether the abstract can/cannot be presented in case the symposium proposal would not be accepted.

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